We offer a wide-range of services for our clients, specifically based on their needs, whether personal or business. Select the services below for additional information on how we can assist you.

NOTICE: We have received several inquiries regarding portfolio management services.
Please note: We will not currently offer ACTIVE Portfolio Management Services, meaning, we will not actively manage a portfolio on your behalf and do day-to-day trading. However, if you wish to day-trade, we WILL educate you on how to do so. Active Portfolio Management Services is a service we will be soon be offering, but only once our legal department has verified that we are in complete compliance with laws and regulations.

As far as Portfolio Management, we WILL (depending on your investment strategy), assist you in choosing the best coin investments for your particular strategy and assist you in creating and securing your portfolio. The advantage to this is that you will be in control of your coins and funds at all times. If you choose to use our “Portfolio Setup Service”, there is only a one-time setup fee, unlike an Actively Managed Portfolio where there will be monthly and exit fees.

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1-on-1 Onsite Consultation and Training

If you would like personal 1-on-1 assistance for your entry into Cryptocurrency, we offer personalized on-site training at your home or business. CONTACT US to discuss your personalized and customized needs.

Group Training / Educational Seminars

We offer Group Training and Educational Seminars that can be subject customized, depending upon your specific needs.

We also keep up to date with numerous Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Meet-ups and Events on our EVENTS Page.

Merchant Cryptocurrency Integration

By accepting Cryptocurrency as a merchant, you will be on the front edge of a new payment system, which is receiving thousands of new users a day. We can set you up to not only accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency payments, but also to have an immediate transfer to USD$, eliminating the risk of market volatility. CONTACT US to discuss integration of Cryptocurrency into your business.

Market | Exchange Trading Training & Consultation

Wanting to receive expert training on the Cryptocurrency Trading Market? Coinsultants® offers both online webinars as well as personal 1-on-1 advisement and consultation. CONTACT US for options of Market Trading Training.

Cryptocurrency Tax Advisement | CPA Services

Whether you are a hodler, day-trader, investor or speculator, eventually you are going to have to deal with tax obligations for your Cryptocurrency. Don’t get blindsided by the IRS or tax agency. We can help to ensure that you are completely compliant in your tax commitment. CONTACT US for your Cryptocurrency Accounting needs.

Blockchain, Hyperledger Training Courses

In-Person and Online Blockchain and Hyperledger Training Courses. Coinsultants® hosts onsite multi-day training courses. As well, we are available to come onsite to your location with a customized curriculum. CONTACT US with your needs.

ICO Advisement Services

Advisement. Compliance. Consulting. Marketing. We offer a wide range of services for ICO’s.

CONTACT US to discuss your ICO needs.

Portfolio Management Services

We will be providing complete Portfolio Management Services. However. With current pending legislation and regulations by world governments, we will not (at this time) manage your Cryptocurrency portfolio. When legislation is clear, we will abide by any regulations and requirements to ensure that we are compliant with such legislation before offering Portfolio Management Services. Please CLICK HERE to be informed when we begin Portfolio Management Services

Coinsultants® Trading Group

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