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Coinsultants is a Cryptocurrency consulting firm founded by a team of veteran industry professionals. The company was formed to assist and consult users of Cryptocurrency by providing them with the necessary means, guidance and resources for their journey into the Cryptocurrency space. Coinsultants specializes in the education, consultation and promotion of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

We have created a platform that gives our users the resources, tools, knowledge and security to make informed decisions when entering and while in the Cryptocurrency Industry. In accessing our Members Portal, you will have the comfort in knowing the integrity of links, and the resources to have he the knowledge of how to securely store your cryptocurrency; trade/obtain Bitcoin and Altcoins, using exchanges, portfolio management and advisement, etc.

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Coinsultants Discord Sever

We have also setup a Discord Server for Coinsultants Members that is an excellent resource for instant access to Cryptocurrency news, voice and text chat, coin specific channels, coin specific channels with immediate updates whenever the official team/platform releases information, on-demand bots for: immediate price calls, marketcap, ranking, volume, 1hr/24hr/7d history, 3 day chart history and more,  well as many other options and features.

An additional benefit of Discord is that it is accessible anywhere: Via Internet Browser, Stand-alone Desktop Programs for Windows, OSX and Linux, as well as mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Voice Channels are also usable via the mobile applications!

As does the Cryptocurrency Market, the Discord Server runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.




Our Coinsultants Discord Server is open to the public, however, Coinsultants Members receive access to additional members only channels, some including premium support, trading, investing/technical analysis, portfolio advisement & consulting, airdrops, coin specific channels, exchange channels and ICO channels.

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1,000 User Giveaway

We are having giveaways for the first 1,000 registered users of Coinsultants, resulting in Hardware Wallets and Cryptocurrency valued over $5,000 USD. Drawings will be held at every 250 registered user. See Here For Details:

Becoming A Member

While there is no site quite like, other crypto-related sites charge members as much as $99/month for access! We aren’t trying to “Buy Lambos” or “Go To The Moon”. We simply believe in offering our services at a reasonable fee.

Entering into the world of Cryptocurrency can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. As such with any new technology, there is a steep and, at times complicated, learning curve that comes along with understanding a new technology.

In becoming a member of Coinsultants®, you can feel assured that you are being protected while entering into the Cryptocurrency Industry. The littlest mistake or misconception in Cryptocurrency can lead to much larger financial consequences. We will teach you and guide you step-by-step into the world of Cryptocurrency. Accessing such things as Exchanges and Markets through the Coinsultants Portal ensures that you will accessing authentic URLS and are not at risk for your searches being phished, thus entering your credentials into a fake website, resulting in the loss of access to your actual market account and funds that are in it.