Entering into the world of Cryptocurrency can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. As such with any new technology, there is a steep and at times complicated, learning curve that comes along with understanding new technology.

At Coinsultants®, we believe that the biggest hurdle currently for Cryptocurrency acceptance is the lack of understanding from the general public. While we are actively involved in all aspects of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies, our company’s mission is public promotion, education and understanding of the industry.

We encourage you to spend the next few minutes to familiarize with yourself with a basic understanding of Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. To understand the value, you must first understand the technology. Once you understand the technology, you will understand the value.

In joining Coinsultants®, we will introduce you to Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies from the ground up. We assert that before investing in Cryptocurrency, you need to understand the technology. We will educate you about the technology and then, should you choose to enter the world of Cryptocurrency investing and trading, we will enhance, protect and promote your success by encouraging informed decision-making about the technology in a supportive way.