We welcome you to the Coinsultants Discord Server

We have setup a Discord Server for Coinsultants Members that is an excellent resource for Cryptocurrency news, chat, updates, etc.

As does the Cryptocurrency Market, the Discord Server runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Channels are categorized for Cryptocurrency News and Announcements, General Discussion, Coin Specific Discussions, Exchanges, ICO’s and Regional Chat. As well, there are voice channels for Trading and Cryptocurrency News & Discussion. Bots for things such as: immediate price calls, marketcap, ranking, volume, 1hr/24hr/7d history, 3 day chart history and more.

An additional benefit of Discord is that it is accessible anywhere: Via Internet Browser, Stand-alone Desktop Programs for Windows, OSX and Linux, as well as mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Voice Channels are also usable via the mobile applications!

Direct Invitation to our group —-> https://discord.gg/UbpJq26

Coinsultants Members Additional Access:

#Priority Support
#Trading / Investing / Technical Analysis / Portfolio Channels
#Coin Specific Channels
#Exchanges Channels
#ICO Channels

(Coinsultants Members also receive additional benefits such as website portal access, entry into monthly give-aways, members only announcements and notices, etc).



General Access Channels:

#Coinsultants Resources
#Bot Commands
#General Discusssion
#Introduce Yourself
#Bot Price Checks
#General Support
#Real Time Bitcoin Trading
#Regional Channels
#Voice Channels for Bitcoin Trading, Altcoin Trading, Crypto News, ICO Discussion, Water Cooler


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Discord Bot Commands

The Discord Server is setup with numerous Bots to assist you while in the channel. This information is posted in the Discord Server Channel labeled #bot-commands as well. As additional Bots are added and activated, we will update this page as well as the #bot-commands channel in Discord.

COMMAND: $(COIN) (Replace (COIN) With Coin Ticker Symbol: IE: BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, Etc)
PROVIDES: Rank, Coin/BTC, Coin/ETH, Market Cap, 24h Volume, Supply, 1hr/24hr and 7 Day Changes









COMMAND: $worth (coin) (Replace (COIN) With Coin Ticker Symbol: IE: BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, Etc)
PROVIDES: Real Time Price of Coin Requested In USD/BTC
EXAMPLE: $worth btc




1. Go to message you wish to Translate
2. Click on “Reaction”
3. Type “Flag”
4. Click Flag of Language You Wish To Translate
5. Bot Will Automatically Translate Into The Language Chosen