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We specialize in the education, consultation and promotion of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency


Coinsultants provides services for both individuals and medium to large size businesses. To learn more about our services, click on any of the items listed below in this section.


Educational resources for you to become an expert in Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and HyperLedger.

Secure Resource Portal

Ensure the integrity of websites, applications and downloads by accessing through our secure portal.


1-on-1 consultation in your home for end-users and at your business for enterprise users.

Cryptocurrency Tax | CPA Services

Unsure about how your Cryptocurrency Investments will effect your taxes? We can help ensure that you are completely compliant with your tax obligations.

Cryptocurrency Investing

Index Fund Tokens. Hedge Fund Tokens. ETF's. There are several ways to invest in Cryptocurrency. Rather than buying individual coins, put your investment in the traditional sense of funds.

Merchant Integration

Attract attention & cater to the niche market. Complete setup of integration for your business with real-time USD conversion to eliminate market volatility risk.

ICO Advisement

Advisement. Compliance. Consulting. Marketing. We offer a wide range of services for ICO's.

Careers & Staffing

Are you a developer looking for a project? A company looking for a developer for your project? We can facilitate you cryptocurrency employment relationship.

Integrity | Security Testing

Needing the integrity and security of your Blockchain Project tested? Let our experts assess your project.


Entering into the world of Cryptocurrency can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. As such with any new technology, there is a steep and, at times complicated, learning curve that comes along with understanding a new technology.



Coinsultants® was founded by a team of cryptocurrency early adopters. We share our knowledge and experience to provide you guidance and assistance into the world of cryptocurrency.

User Success

Coinsultants® contributes to and enhances cryptocurrency user success by encouraging informed decision-making about the technology in a supportive way.



Have trust knowing that the integrity of the links within the portal are secure to keep you from falling victim to phishing attempts.

Cryptocurrency Investing

Repository of tokens and platforms for investing in Index Funds, ETFs & Hedge Funds, providing more stable performance of investments.

Storage Solutions

Wallets: Paper, Hardware, Mobile, Desktop - Solutions for securely storing, securing and using your cryptocurrency.

Portfolio Management Apps

From web based to your desktop or mobile device, up-to-date portfolio tracking software to keep an eye on your performance.

Research Database

Bitcoin. Existing altcoins. ICO's. Expansive resources for due diligence.

Monthly Giveaways

Every month we conduct giveaways. All registered users receive entry into the monthly giveaways and giveaways are limited to members only.

Ready To Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin? 

While many have heard about Bitcoin and other Altcoins, many are ready to begin their journey in the world of cryptocurrency.  We will educate you about the technology and then, should you choose to enter the world of Cryptocurrency investing and trading, we will enhance, protect and promote your success by encouraging informed decision-making about the technology in a supportive way. However, if you are ready to begin, click the button below to get started!